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Feeling overwhelmed by all the options and choices available in planning your wedding? Let give you back the joy you feel about getting married by presenting the Internet’s  most organized and easy explanation of your options so that you can pick exactly which elements you truly want in your perfect wedding.

I created this wedding planning guide after going through the work, worries, dreaming and fun of planning my own wedding. Looking back, all my memories have become happy ones, but I know that during the planning process, I often felt like I was living in a wild whirl of cakes, flowers, bridesmaids, gowns, venues! So many decisions to make! Then I got organized, breaking down my options into 7 simple headings. This is what this free wedding guide will offer you, making each step of the decision-making process clear, easy and really fun!

Don’t arrive at your wedding day overworked, stressed out and uncertain. No way! You’re going to have a wedding that celebrates your love and your authentic style. You’re going to have the time of your life at the party of your life…with a little help from!

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The 7 Simple Components Of A Perfect Wedding
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Extra Wedding Tips
Chances are, talking to photographers, bakers, officiants and caterers isn’t an every day experience for you. Your ability to communicate your wishes clearly and to ask the right questions is key to you obtaining the services you want and avoiding unforeseen disappointments.

I’ve put together lists of 10 important questions to ask each of the professionals with whom you’ll be speaking as you plan your wedding. Check out my 10 Questions For Vendors Section or simply glance to the menu on the left to see each individual article for the different types of vendors.

Learn how to find just the right florist, DJ, venue and more for your dream wedding by learning to ask these vital questions!

My Wedding Story…And Yours, Too!
advice on planning a wedding

My wedding story began at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California when my sweetheart dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife. Talk about planning – he had planned the whole thing with the aquarium staff! Thus began my unforgettable journey from choosing rings, flowers, dresses, to a wedding by the sea with bridesmaids dancing to ‘Under The Sea’ and then a flight across the sea to a tropical island honeymoon.

Looking for inspiration? Read My Wedding Story which I’ve written up as an illustration of how smart planning ensures a wedding that expresses the the true tastes and styles of the bride and groom.

Do you have a wonderful wedding story to share? Visit my Submit Your Wedding Story Page to see how you can share your wedding with all the interested readers of

My Wish For Your Wedding
TV reality shows about weddings tend to focus on the sensational – monster brides, boorish grooms, disastrous outcomes. Not much romance in that! Remember, all this to-do about planning for this biggest celebration of life is actually just the first step in the much more meaningful journey of a long and joyful marriage.

After the bouquet has been tossed, the rice has been thrown and the guests have gone home, you and your darling groom will be sitting down together for the first time as husband and wife, looking into one another’s eyes and realizing that a whole new life has just begun for the two of you.

My wish is that you will approach your wedding with your authentic, best heart, with grace and style and fun and that this beginning will set the tone for a lifelong marriage of these same lasting qualities. You’ll build up a treasure chest of memories on your wedding day, but these are just the first treasures! So, don’t stress. You’re just starting out. I’m wishing you thousands of beautiful and memorable days to come…and I hope that your visit to gets you off to a truly grand start!