Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

These parties can be a great opportunity to kick back for some fun before the wedding. They can also, unfortunately, be the cause of some internal relationship strife. Consider these simple suggestions to make a night out pure fun, no guilt.


Obviously, a good fiance doesn’t want to do anything to upset his or her intended. If one of you really has a problem with some of the more tawdry aspects of pre-wedding parties, it needs to be stated honestly and early, and then passed on to whomever is planning the party. The last thing either of you need is a big fight right before the big day.

Wedding Day Buffer:

It is generally not a good idea to have a bachelor/bachelorette party the day before the wedding, especially if drinking or late-night partying is on the menu. Give yourself a good buffer between the wedding day and the party- anytime between two days to a month before the main event. This will give you time to detox, and not get in the way of any last minute activities.

Alternative Bachelorette Parties:

If clubbing and drinking aren’t really your scene, there’s lots of fun alternative options. Avoid the hangover by scheduling a health and wellness day with friends, including fun activities like a outdoor yoga class, hike through a regional park, and lunch. Or go for some vintage Hollywood glamor and get dressed to the nines to go see a romance film, then follow with swanky martinis. Go to a paint-your-own pottery place and make a cool set of dishes or mugs together, or do something daring, like a rock climbing or trapeze class.

Alternative Bachelor Parties:

Strippers and beer bongs aren’t for everyone, so look for an alternative activity that’s fun for the whole group if it’s not your scene. Consider a poker night at home with whiskey and cigars, or hitting a local game together to tailgate in the parking lot. If you’re all aching for some manly thrills, consider an afternoon paintball game- or, for the virtually-inclined, a good old night of video games and cheap pizza. Rent a boat for a day and cruise a local river or lake, or saddle up all your friends for some daredevil lessons in motorcycling, surfing, or microbrewing.


If you and your intended share a lot of friends, there’s no reason the party can’t include both sides. Consider a weekend away to a fun place, like Las Vegas, where the group can meet for some activities and go their separate ways for others. Or plan a camping trip to a nearby location with all your friends, and enjoy all some retro-fun of roasting marshmallows, telling ghost-stories, and night swimming.

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