Beauty Services For Your Wedding

How to look your best for your big day is a personal decision, and we at Decidebride believe that you are the best authority on what looks great for your hair, complexion, and overall look. Nevertheless, we hope we can help you organize hair and makeup plans to ensure a stress free, easy wedding day preparation.

Book Early:

Try to make makeup and hair appointments 2-4 weeks before the wedding, so you can choose the time you want without fear of availability issues. Remember to give yourself a nice padding of time in case you decide to make a last minute change or go for a more elaborate look.

Send Photos:

You are likely to get better results if you find a photograph of the hairstyle you want that you can send to the hairdresser ahead of time. That way, you and he or she can discuss how long it will take, if there are any variations you want, and how your type of hair will translate into the desired look. A photo helps give a more concrete image of what you want than a simple verbal description, and can eliminate miscommunication.

Hair Color:

If you plan to get your hair colored for the wedding, consider having it dyed at least a week ahead of time. That gives you plenty of time to alter the shade if it doesn’t turn out the way you want. Try to avoid getting your hair dyed the day of the wedding, unless it’s a standard color that you use regularly.


In addition to getting your hair dyed or cut early, try to schedule nail services the day before the wedding. A professional manicure can last for several days, and getting it out of the way early will give you more breathing room on your wedding day.


If you’re getting married outdoors, and plan to have the reception outside, try to find a facial sunscreen that looks natural under makeup, as strong sunscreens can often give you a grey pall. Try to use makeup products you are familiar with, in order to avoid the potential for an allergic reaction to a new product.

yes, please!

 Spa Treatments:

If you plan to get a relaxing massage, spray tan, or any other body services before the wedding, be sure to inform your esthetician about any existing allergies you may have to cosmetic ingredients. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a bad rash, so make sure to ask about potential allergens like parabens, lavender, or nut oils. Barring that concern, a few hours at the spa the day before the wedding can be a fantastic way to relax and get some alone time.

 If you plan to have a fairly casual hairstyle, don’t let the beauty salon know it’s for a wedding! Some salons will charge a huge markup for wedding services, even if they are basic styles. Check their website or price list to see if they charge a “bride bump” before disclosing that you’re getting married.

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