Dance at a wedding is a inherent part of many cultural traditions. While dance gives us an opportunity to express joy and have fun, it can be nerve-wracking for some people. Talk about your plans for any formal dancing, such as the couple’s first dance, well in advance of the event.

If we can do it, anyone can!

 Couple Dance:

Some couples are content to simply sway around in a circle, while others like to take advantage of the opportunity to do something romantic and silly. Taking dance lessons for a few months before the wedding is recommended if you want to do a formal-style dance. If either one of you have dance experience, save the cost of classes and choreograph your own fun, romantic, or dazzling first dance. No one is going to be holding up score cards and judging you, so have some fun with this!

 Song Choice:

Even if you have the perfect love song for your first dance, consider editing the song to make it shorter. A 5-minute long song can take real endurance to get through, and even the spectators may feel a little awkward after a while. If you have a long song, consider choreographing a short routine to it, then including the father/bride and mother/groom dance in the second half of the song. You can edit down a song to a manageable amount of time using a simple music editing program, many of which are free to download and easy to use.

 General Dancing:

Talk to your band and DJ about the tone of the guests and the type of dancing you’d like to encourage. If you know you have a reserved crowd, ask the entertainers to do their best to draw these introverts out on the dance floor. If some of your guests are great swing dancers or know how to tango, be sure to include a few songs that let’s them show off. Keeping the dancing lively is a good way to ensure the energy of the party stays high throughout the event.

 Last Dance:

A good way to end the night is to perform a simple last dance of the evening with your new partner. This is a good chance to use a song that’s important to the two of you, and helps end the party on a sweet, romantic note.

Inevitably, a line dance, conga line, or chicken dance can break out, even at the most formal wedding. Even if you think it’s ridiculous, just go with it. This sort of mass-hysteria is really more fun once you join in.

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