DJ Or Band

When speaking to a potential DJ or band for the wedding, you need to be sure you are on the same page. Be sure to bring these questions with you to ensure that your meeting will cover all the important basics.

  1. Have you worked at this wedding venue before?

  2. Do you provide all your own equipment, or does the venue need to provide anything?

  3. How much set up time do you require?

  4. Will you be comfortable doing announcements throughout the wedding?

  5. Can we send you a list of our desired songs, and a “do not play” list?

  6. Do you provide service that matches the formality/style of our wedding?

  7. What do you wear to the wedding?

  8. Can you provide microphones and speakers for the ceremony/toasts?

  9. Can you provide the exact version of specific songs we request, or can we bring you a CD?

  10. If the reception runs long, what do you charge for overtime?

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