You may not be well versed in the art of flowers, so it is important that your florist has enough experience and knowledge to turn your creative ideas into concrete solutions. To make sure you are both on the same page, be sure to obtain answers to these 10 important questions.


  1. Do you offer deals on wedding packages?

  2. Do you provide centerpieces as well as bouquets/coursages?

  3. Do you provide flowers for the cake?

  4. Do you offer d├ęcor options for the venue?

  5. Have you ever worked at our venue before?

  6. Do you deliver the flowers, or do they need to be picked up?

  7. Do the flowers need any special care between drop off and the wedding?

  8. If I want to make my own centerpieces, can you provide the materials for them?

  9. What flowers do you recommend for my color palette/style/season?

  10. Do you require a deposit?

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