Helping Guests

Chances are, at least some of your guests will be doing some traveling for the wedding. Helping them find lodgings and learn a little bit about the local area can be a good way to ensure they have a great trip.

Build a Wedding Website:

Free wedding websites allow you to post information about the event, as well as items for out-of-town guests. These can be set up in minutes, and updated whenever you have new information. Include the web-address with your invitations so guests know where to find you.

Research Lodgings:

Guests may have different traveling styles and budgets, so it helps to post the websites or phone numbers of hotels in a few different categories. Try to include a budget motel, a moderate, chain hotel, a nice bed and breakfast, and an upscale hotel to cover your options. Be sure to read online reviews of these places before posting- you don’t want your guests stuck in a fleabag place on your advice.

 Find Out about Group Rates:

If you have many out-of-towners, you may be able to reserve a block of rooms at a discount rate. Guests can then contact the hotel, tell them they’re with your wedding party, and book however many rooms they need. Most hotels will only allow this option if you’re booking 10 rooms or more, but bed and breakfasts may offer discounts if you fill up their (smaller capacity) lodgings. You may also want to appoint a “travel captain” from among your friends/relatives to handle the booking.

Area Information:

If guests are traveling to an unfamiliar location, they may not know where to get a sandwich, let alone where the local attractions are. Include a section on your wedding website, or provide out-of-towners with a packet upon their arrival, that includes a few favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots, as well as information on any neat local attractions or activities, such as parks, zoos, or museums.

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