Planning A Honeymoon

A honeymoon provides an important chance to relax after the tizzy of the wedding. Chances are, you haven’t gotten to spend much quality time together in the last few week,so even a small trip together can be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and celebrate.

If Your Budget is Limited:

Consider spending a few days in a less-touristy, romantic locale. New Orleans or San Francisco, for example, offer great opportunities for snuggling with dramatic backdrops while providing food and lodging options that can be very affordable. If you want to avoid the cost of airline tickets, why not take the time to drive across your home state, stopping to visit bed & breakfasts and small-town attractions along the way.

Book Early:

Generally, the closer you get to the departure date, the more expensive airfare and lodgings will become. If you are traveling during a high season, availability can also become a serious concern. Try to nail down reservations at least two months before the wedding.

Relax! Soon you'll be here!

Pack Early:

The last thing you want to be doing the day before your wedding is frantically stuffing bikinis into luggage. A week ahead of the trip, pack your wardrobe for the trip, along with anything else that won’t be needed for the wedding. This way, you can simply slip your makeup and day-to-day essentials in on the morning of your departure.

Consider Insurance:

It’s not uncommon that the stress of a wedding will bring on a case of the sniffles. Purchasing trip insurance allows you peace of mind in case of illness, injury or any other disaster. The last thing you want is to feel like you have to suffer through your honeymoon with a fever just because you can’t get a refund.

Find out what the “shoulder season” is for your destination- the time just after or before the major tourist rush. In addition to practically guaranteeing lower prices on everything from hotels to rental cars, the shoulder season also means that tourist activities and locales will be far less crowded- thus adding to the secluded romance!

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