Scheduling The Wedding

Scheduling the day of the wedding can seem overwhelming, since it can start the moment you wake up. Try to remember to be flexible about schedule break-downs– no one will care if you serve cake at 7:45 instead of 7:15!

Bridal Preparation:

If you are getting your hair/makeup done for the wedding, discuss the exact amount of time it will take with the hairdresser and makeup artist. Ideally, give them pictures of the desired look several weeks in advance so that they can give you an exact estimate.

At the Venue:

Try to arrive at the wedding site at least an hour in advance, to give yourself lots of time to get dressed and deal with last minute kinks. Designate a wedding party person who can coordinate between the bride and the groom if they are staying out of site before the ceremony.

At the Reception:

Depending on the traditions and the style of service, you may have several different things to schedule, including the cocktail hour, meal time, first dance, cake cutting, and bouquet toss. As you are scheduling, remember that the time allotted for each portion of the event is an estimate- don’t panic if you are not exactly on time.

Your venue manager and DJ can be your best friends when it comes to the schedule. Give them a sheet at the beginning of the event that lays out your approximate schedule, and ask if they can double check with you before announcing the next event in the wedding. They are there to help, and many are happy to keep an eye on the clock for you so you can enjoy your day.

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