A limo? A carriage? Dad’s old station wagon? Choosing and scheduling the right transportation for the wedding and ceremony is an important part of setting the tone and making the day go smoothly.

 Who gets Where, When:

If you are planning on using a limousine or other chauffered transportation, arrange for someone else to drive you to the wedding site. That way, you don’t have to worry about dealing with your personal vehicle.

 The Limousine:

Classic and romantic, limos come in a variety of lengths and styles. If you’re planning to drive the whole wedding party around, this can be a great solution to ensure that everyone sticks together and gets to each site on time. If your wedding is during a busy season, book early to ensure availability.

Why not?

Alternative Vehicles:

Classic cars, tandem bicycles, or horse-drawn wagons may all be great limo-alternatives that also make for wonderful photographs. Check local listings to see what other types of interesting vehicles might allow you to make a splash at your wedding. In many cases, alternative vehicles can be considerably less expensive than traditional limousines.



Tin cans and written messages are popular additions to wedding vehicles (along with some less savory items) but be SURE that they are permitted by the rental company before indulging. If they are not permitted, the wedding couple may be charged extra for cleaning and could lose their deposit, if one was paid. If decorations are allowed, let any decorators (often the bridal party members) know what is and is not appropriate. If grandma is going to pitch a holy fit at condoms strewn about, tell them to just stick with tin cans.

 Decidebride extra tip:

Other than simply using a rented car to get to and from the wedding site, consider taking advantage of the features and quiet interior for a few extra trips. Grooms can surprise their bride with the car in the morning, so she can take it out to breakfast, to her hair and makeup appointments, and wherever else she pleases. Or, book the car for your departure at the end of the wedding, then spend a few hours cruising around the local scenery. A moonlit drive with your new spouse can be a wonderful way to detox, relax, and savor your first time alone as newlyweds. For fun during the wedding, see if the driver would be willing to give any kids at the wedding a quick spin in the car- it’ll make their day!!

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