Wedding Favors

Favors are typically small gifts handed out toward the end of the wedding, for guests to take home. They can also be items incorporated throughout the reception. A few simple considerations can take the stress out of these knick-knacks!

 What to Use:

Popular wedding favors include small treats like cookies or candies, candles, bottles of bubble bath, picture frames, or packets of seeds for gardening. Some couples like to personalize the items with their names or the date, but this can limit the usefulness of the gift. Bulk favors can easily be purchased online or through wedding supply shops.

 Breaking the Mold:

Without raising your budget, it can be fun to incorporate favors into the wedding. Consider handing out pinwheels and party noisemakers for guests to use when the newlyweds kiss, or buy shawls, which can cost as little as $3 when purchased online in bulk, to drape over chairs for guests to use during the reception. Some couples also like to leave a disposable camera on each table so that guests can take pictures of the wedding, though these are often collected at the end of the night.


If you buy favors from a wedding company, they will often come packaged. For packaging your own, visit a crafts store to find small fabric or net bags in your wedding colors. Get a pretty basket to hold all the favors during the reception, so they can be easily distributed toward the end of the night.


Decidebride extra tip:

If you have a friend/bridesmaid who wants to help out, ask them to organize this little detail of the wedding. He or she may be happy to do this in lieu of a wedding gift, and it can take one extra thing off your mind. Be sure to assign someone to handout the favors or make sure they are waiting at the tables for guests. Junior bridesmaids or older flower girls can be great at this task.

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