Wedding Registry

Creating a registry is actually a big favor to many guests, who may have no idea what you want or need. When building a registry, try to think of useful items as well as luxuries, but don’t feel obligated to build a registry if you don’t want gifts.


Some people like to register at a single store, but if you can’t find everything you want at one location, try a combination registry. These online gift registries allow you to choose gifts from nearly any store with an Internet website, vastly increasing your available options. Some also allow you to link existing registries at large merchandisers to your online account, so you can still have the fun of running around with those neat little scanning guns.

Price Range:

Since your guests may have variable means, try to add a variety of gifts to the registry in a wide price range. That way, Rich Uncle Joe can buy you the thatched Tiki Bar your groom desires, while your broke college buddies can happily present you with heart-shaped measuring spoons. Chances are, you need items both big and small, so include both!

Alternative registries:

If you are all set on housewares, consider using the registry as a way to cover other costs. One great alternative is to set up a honeymoon registry, which allows you to list all of the activities, lodging, and travel plans you have for your honeymoon. Guests can then purchase individual items, such as “Snorkling trip” or “airport lei greeting,” much as you would choose a regular gift. The registry site then tallies the gifts and cuts the happy couple a check for the total amount. This is a great way to get around the “not asking for money” etiquette, since guests will feel that they are giving you a tangible gift instead of simply cash. Win win!

How to Inform:

Your bridal party and relatives are the best way to get the word out about the registry, since including registry information with invites is often seen as a tacky move.

If you’re opting for an online registry, why not take an extra cyberstep and build a free wedding website as well? These can take only a few minutes to set up, and are a good way to inform guests about the event, local area, and hotel options. Building a website gives you a tactful way to hand out registry info, since you can quite politely include the web address of the wedding website with invitations. Then, if the website just happens to include a link to your registry- well, how convenient!

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