Children At The Wedding

This can be the source of perpetual Dear Abby letters on etiquette, but remember, the bottom line is- whatever works for your wedding. Kids can be a delight or a terror at the wedding- it all depends on the kids and their parents.

If Kids are Allowed:

  •  Ask your ushers to try and ensure that families with small children get aisle seats, so they can take the kids out if they become disruptive during the ceremony. Let the parents know ahead of time that it’s totally appropriate to step out with the kids if necessary.
  •  Take note of the number and age of children, and be sure to let your caterer know. Many will charge only half price for older children and may not charge at all for little ones.
  •  Caterers will also sometimes provide kid-friendly meal options if asked in advance.
  •  If your venue has a bridal preparation room or other small, comfortable space, ask if it can be used during the reception as a quiet place for kids. This way, parents can deal with diaper emergencies, breast feeding, and naptime in a peaceful environment.
  •  At the reception, try to provide a basket of toys, coloring books, or other items for the kids to play with so they don’t get bored.

If Children are Not Allowed:

  • Try to hunt down a responsible babysitter in the local area who would be willing to watch several children so that parents can enjoy the wedding.
  • Try to avoid making exceptions for one or two children as the parents of uninvited children may be offended.
  • If your favors are child-friendly, such as cookies, make sure that parents get extras to take home to the children.

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