Choosing Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpieces can cause much more stress than they’re worth, generally because few couples are certified decorators. While we all know they’re considered “necessary,” that doesn’t mean we have any idea what the heck they should look like. Here’s a few simple Decidebride tips to help you get started on your centerpieces. Be sure to see our other posts on flowers for more helpful information.


Know the size of the table before you start planning your centerpiece. A giant basket of roses will overwhelm a 2 person cocktail table, but look perfect on a banquet table for 10. Likewise, extremely tall and wide centerpieces can block sightlines if they aren’t balanced with the size of the table. Your centerpiece is supposed to create a visual accent for the table, but shouldn’t inhibit the space needed for eating.


Floral centerpieces are extremely popular, and can be provided by the florist or made at home. If you are using fresh flowers, they may also be somewhat expensive. If you want floral centerpieces on a smaller budget, look for large blooms, such as chrysanthemums or gerbera daisies, that look good in small bunches, or inexpensive filler flowers, such as baby’s breath, that are very cheap in quantity.


Candle centerpieces help create a flickering, romantic light at each table. One thing to think about is how long the candles will be in use- if it will be several hours, they may need to be replaced. A great way to get around this issue is to use battery-operated LED candles, which flicker like real ones and won’t melt down. If you are using candles in a container, such as a hurricane glass, consider filling the container with other materials, such as smooth river rocks, to make the centerpiece a little more noticeable.


Centerpiece holders can range from large glass vases to ceramic plant pots. While florist-made centerpieces will provide their own containers, for DIY centerpieces, finding good containers in bulk can take some work. If possible, buy containers from a wholesaler in bulk, which can significantly reduce the price.

Wedding centerpieces can be personalized to match the style, tone, and most importantly, budget of the wedding. Think about simple, elegant or fun containers that match the season, such as cornucopias for fall, or metal sand pails for a beach-themed wedding. Instead of spending a ton of money on large floral bouquets, float rose petals or loose orchids in water-filled vases.

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